What Is YOUR Travel Style?

Hey Boss!

What is YOUR Travel Style?

Yes, every woman had their own unique Travel Style. Your travel style is how your mostly showcase your personality while you travel. You know your travel style by seeing what items and looks you gravitate towards. Your travel style is also comprised on items that make you feel a certain way and what is important to you when you travel.

Do you have to be comfortable no matter what?

Does glamour rule everything around you?

Must you be on trend no matter what it takes?

Ask yourself these questions and determine which of the below styles you most identify with.

You could be like me and your switch between a couple of them depending where you are going and what you will be doing during your trip. Check out these 3 main categories and see which one fits you best. And lucky for your we carry most of these great finds here at Bossed Up Life! So you can identify and shop!

  • Casual- This style is all about comfort! You have to feel good no matter what, but you also like to be pulled together.
    • Loves jeans and sweatpants only
    • Going somewhere warm? You live in shorts and khaki /denim capris
    • Tee, tees, and more tees
    • Jean jacket or zip front fleece hoodie
    • Can you say tennis shoes?
    • Rubber/fabric flop flops
    • Canvas tote bags
    • Durable but cute sunglasses
    • Cotton t-shirt dresses
  • Glam- You love to glam it up! Being comfortable is cool but you must be dressed to the nines first. Pulling out all of the stops is your claim to fame!
    • Leather handbags/large purses
    • High end loungewear with glam details
    • Heavy cotton trench coat/topper
    • Leather bomber
    • Oversized blazer with posh details
    • Fashion sneakers with embroidery and sparkle details
    • Easy and designer maxi dresses
    • Designer sunglasses
    • Beautiful ballet flats
    • Embellished thong sandals
  • Sporty- You like a little edge with your style. You love to be comfortable, but you like to have surprises and a little glam details to your look.
    • Joggers, joggers, joggers
    • Chic athleisure wear in color and prints
    • Cropped denim jackets or moto jackets
    • Cotton leggings in all colors/prints
    • Stretch leggings in all colors/prints
    • Cute and colorful baseball caps
    • Upscale and colorful sunglasses
    • Large print scarves
    • Platform sandals/thongs
    • Leather and canvas fashion tote or handbag
    • Cotton or sturdy linen maxi dresses
    • Embellished and colorful trainers/sneakers

The key to traveling in style is for you to look AND feel good. You need to be comfortable and to showcase your own personality.

Which one (s) do you identify with? I am a mixture between Sporty and Casual. I need to be cute and comfy no matter where I am. I can add a little of the Glam when we go to a special dinner or party.

Happy Traveling!! (And Shopping!)



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