The Best Travel Accessories for YOUR Trip!

Hey Boss!

One of the most important items you can have when you travel ( especially out of the country) are travel friendly Travel Accessories.


Your outfit is not complete until you have the right accessories to pull it all together. Accessories are not just your bag or shoes, but everything that people see while you are traveling. You want EVERYTHING to complement your style!


When choosing your accessories for your trip, you want to ask these questions when you go shopping:


  1. What is your final destination? ( warm, cold, tropical,)
  2. What you will be doing on the trip? ( Sight seeing, leisure activities, night life, shopping). Each of these activities require different things for you to enjoy them. These activities require certain looks and "tools" for them to be successful parts of your trip.
  3. What do you want to bring with you during your trip? ( computer, beauty supplies, passport, smaller electronics, money/credit cards). Some trips you want to bring EVERYTHING (that's me most of the time) and some trips you want to bring just the bare necessities. 
  4. How can you differentiate your bag in large airports? Being able to spot your bag among a sea of bags is key to a seamless and fun trip! You don't want your bag to be mistaken by someone else, AND you don't want to use something cheesy to help you stand out. ( Red ribbon anyone?)
  5. What is YOUR travel and personal style and how do you want to showcase it while you travel?


Here are some of our favorite Travel Accessories on Bossed Up Life. Find your favorite one for your next big (or small) trip.


  • Bright Lites Passport Holders
  • Abstract Printed Passport Holder
  • “Offline” Large Tote Bag
  • Leopard Suitcase Cover
  • “Passport/Away We Go” passport and luggage tag set
  • Jettsetter Credit Card Holder
  • “Escape “ 3 Piece Travel Gift Set
  • "Jetsetter", "Wanderluster", "Global Nomad" Credit Card Wallet
  • “Time Is Money” Power Bank
  • Bossed Up Life Collections Laptop cover

Make sure that you don’t sacrifice your personal style on your next trip. Visit Bossed Up Life Travel Collection to find your next travel treasure!

What is your number one travel accessory that you can’t live without? Mine…? A beautiful tote bag!

Happy Traveling!


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