Success Starts with Self Care

Hey Boss!


Let's talk about Self Care…

You have heard this term a lot lately.

It may sound more like a buzz phrase nowadays...but it is very important.

As women, we always take things to the extreme:

In our love lives

At work

With our kids

Running our businesses

So Self Care may be a buzz phrase, but it is so key to our overall health and well being.

Here are some ways that I have Self Care in my life and some advice some some experts:

  • Meditate every day. This can range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes or more
  • Read the bible/spend time with God every morning BEFORE  I do anything. This keeps me focused and inline with what my purpose is. Keeps me grounded when the things go sideways.
  • Exercise 5X a week. I do indoor walking( look it up on YouTube), kickboxing, and dance workouts. I like to keep it fun so I make sure that I actually do it.
  • At home facials once a week. This is simply using a wonderful facial scrub, a mask, and a special toner. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just extra steps that you normally don’t do in your skincare routine.
  • Eating right. Well, I just started this one! Less carbs ( I love carbs and chocolate) and more lean protein and veggies. Eating better gives me the energy I need to keep going and stay at my creative best!
  • Drinking a lot more water. I’ve always drank water, but now I am making sure that I get the 64 oz. that experts say we need.
  • Going outside and enjoying the sun. Now I live in CA so I can do this more than most. However, it is said just getting outside and getting some fresh air can do a world of good for your mood and overall mental health. Even in your car when it’s cold, get out of your house sometimes( not just for work or chores).
  • Treating myself to something really fattening! Yes, treating yourself to a treat or a favorite food reminds us to enjoy life.
  • Taking long baths. One of my favorites! Melt the day away in a nice warm bath. Use bubbles or bath tea with candles to help create the relaxing mood and environment.

See anything that you already do? What do you do to practice Self Care? 

Take some time for you to rejuvenate and relax so you can be poured back into so you can continue to pour what you need to accomplish your dreams and goals.

You can get a head start by visiting the Bossed Up Self Care Collection to pick up some bath teas or a revitalizing body spray. 


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