Elevate Your Travel Style: Find Your Perfect Match!

Calling all jet-setting ladies! We are back again for round 2 of "What's Your Travel Style?" We thought we would freshen up our original post and update it with some fresh ideas and new products.

If you have travel plans this year and want to rock your destination with confidence, it's time to upgrade your travel style. At Bossed Up Life, we understand the importance of looking and feeling fabulous while on the go. Get ready to discover the perfect travel style that suits your unique personality and needs. From casual comfort to glamorous elegance and sporty chic, we've got you covered with our handpicked selection of must-have items.


Casual: For those who prioritize comfort without sacrificing style, the casual travel style is your go-to. Embrace the relaxed vibes and mix and match these essentials:

Duster Cardigan

  • Cozy jeans and sweatpants for ultimate comfort.
  • Embrace warm weather with shorts and khaki/denim capris.
  • Stock up on tees in different colors and patterns.
  • Layer up with a versatile jean jacket or a light weight long cardigan..
  • Step into comfortable tennis shoes and slip-on rubber/fabric flip flops.
  • Carry your essentials in a stylish canvas tote bag.
  • Protect your eyes with durable and chic sunglasses.
  • Opt for cotton t-shirt dresses for effortless style.


Glam: If you're all about turning heads and making a fashion statement, the glam travel style is perfect for you. Amp up the elegance with these key pieces:


  • Indulge in posh everything, from high-end loungewear to stylish leather handbags.
  • Layer up with a heavy cotton trench coat or topper.
  • Rock a leather bomber jacket for a touch of edgy sophistication.
  • Stand out in an oversized blazer with posh details.
  • Step into fashion sneakers with embroidery and sparkle details.
  • Embrace easy and designer maxi dresses for a glamorous look.
  • Elevate your style with designer sunglasses and beautiful ballet flats.
  • Don't forget about embellished thong sandals for a touch of luxury.


Sporty: If you crave a blend of comfort and edgy style, the sporty travel style is perfect for you. Combine athletic wear with chic details for an effortlessly cool look:

 Blush and Nude Metallic Sneaker

  • Embrace the trend with joggers in various styles and colors.
  • Opt for chic athleisure wear in vibrant colors and eye-catching prints.
  • Layer up with cropped denim jackets or moto jackets.
  • Stay comfortable in cotton leggings and stretch leggings.
  • Rock cute and colorful baseball caps for a sporty touch.
  • Complete your look with upscale and colorful sunglasses.
  • Add a touch of flair with large print scarves.
  • Step into platform sandals/thongs for a stylish lift.
  • Carry your essentials in a versatile leather and canvas fashion tote or handbag.
  • Opt for cotton or sturdy linen maxi dresses for easy-breezy style.
  • Complete your sporty chic look with embellished and colorful trainers/sneakers.


No matter your travel style, Bossed Up Life has everything you need to elevate your fashion game. Whether you're seeking casual comfort, glamorous elegance, or sporty chic, our curated collection of handpicked items will help you make a statement wherever you go.


Embrace your unique style and travel with confidence, knowing that you're dressed to impress. Shop our exclusive range of travel essentials and create the perfect travel wardrobe that reflects your individuality. Get ready to turn heads and make a stylish impression with Bossed Up Life. Wherever your adventures take you, remember to enjoy the journey and live life to the fullest in style!



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