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Hey Boss!

Happy Women's Month!

Women have been the backbone of the world forever. The past year hasn't been any different. There have been so many amazing women that have done historical things. They have turned states, broke barriers, and created opportunities that weren't there before. 

One of these amazing women is Jamie Kern Lima. She started IT Cosmetics when she was a news anchor for a local tv network. She has a skin condition call Rosacea. She suffered from it for years. It was a problem for her, as you can imagine, being on tv every day. 

The makeup she found really didn't work. She would have constant meltdowns on camera and her boss wasn't happy. Having such a difficult time find a foundation that worked, she decided to create her own. (So Boss!)

In the new book Believe It Jamie goes over how when she went on QVC for the first time to sell her new makeup line, she was really nervous. She and her husband were down to their last $1000 and this launch had to work. When she goes on stage to go on camera, she started to freak out. She was worried about how she looked and if her dress was appropriate, if her hair looked ok, etc. 

She then came to herself and stopped making it about her. She took the focus off of her and put the focus on her “why”. Her why was to let every woman know that they could be beautiful no matter what others had said about them. ( The 1st company she pitched her makeup line said that no woman would buy makeup from someone that looked like her. Yeah, he said that!) Her why was to change the beauty industry so it included EVERY woman. 

When she focused on this and started to talk about her products, she heard all of a sudden “ Deep has sold out. Medium Deep is almost gone”. Before she knew it, her entire launch was sold out!!

This was just the beginning of her journey. She became the CEO of the fastest growing makeup line in the country. Now, she is a billionaire! She sold her company for $1.2 billion to Loreal and became the 1st female CEO in Loreal worth over a billion dollars!

She did all of that for believing in herself and following her true why. 

Most people when they are asked what their why is, say that it is to be rich, to help people, or to leave a legacy for my family. All those are good, the book points out, but they are not your REAL why.

What’s your why? 

Why did you start your business?

What is your dream or goal in life?

What is your driving force behind all that you do each day?

Really think and meditate on these questions. The answers will give you the motivation you need to keep going. Especially in the tough times.

You got this! Because you are a...Boss!


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